Masha Somik abstract artist and People’s logo creator

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We receive tons of compliments about our logo which we also love so much😍
So here is the artist who created the nice and sunny personage you liked.
Masha Somik is an abstract artist based in Moscow. She specializes en installation, sculpture and performing arts.

masha somik
masha somik

I believe that only abstractly we can speak wider, louder and more. There are energies, emotions and feelings that do not have physical embodiment in the real world. In my opinion, art appears when you run out of words. ​ My main concept is that there is no concept. I want each viewer to see his own interpretations. I wish people to switch off their brains and to open their hearts. I wish my art could give joy. ​ Topic that i work with is relationship between people – how important is to support and take care of each other, be attentive, be sensitive, open and humane. How important is to spread love and tenderness, be happy and be relaxed, live in the moment. Can our society become friendly, open and free? I also work with the theme of self-love and the theme of a woman in a contemporary world. How to accept all your different sides of a body and character and how to work with them, how to give love to the world.

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